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09 SEP—29 OCT 2021


READING: Fr. 08.10.2021, 6pm (in German language)
Vacation in Sicily
In 1983 Helga SOPHIA Goetze wrote the III Testament (Zeuge sein): Zu den Müttern (Being a Witness / To the Mothers).
In the middle part of the work of over 100 pages, she describes her own experiences, about the demon of the moment in Sicily.
Karin Pott presents this unpublished work, reads some passages from it:
LA DONNA DEL MONDO, as well as poems.

If you would like to attend the reading: please rsvp at by sending us your contact data.

For the duration of the show, the gallery will be open on Saturdays from 2-6 pm in addition to our regular opening hours.




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Galerie ART CRU Berlin is Berlin’s first gallery focusing on art produced by people with psychiatric disorders or mental disabilities. The aim of the gallery is to promote and introduce such artists, most of them self-taught and usually standing on the edge of the established art scene. These people are often denied the opportunity to develop a professional expertise as an artist, as they often encounter many difficulties in the process. This is why our focus is to reduce the distance between the established art world and their more original, unadulterated artworks.

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