Alexander Kurfürst


Press Release for exhibition (TO BE AWARE 23.06.-04.08.2021)

The images of Alexander Kurfürst are energetic and densely drawn compositions made of dozens of expressive faces, mostly naked obscure figures or animals, and isolated architectural elements. They are often comically drawn with a black ink and in the style of a collage composed of many different individual elements, which contoured lines often merge into one another. One could try to follow the figures of Kurfürst that make their way on the paper like storylines or trains of thought. But the more Kurfürst fills his sheet of paper, the more it becomes difficult to keep track, whereby he repeatedly fills the drawn surfaces of those especially dense images with the smallest of minute details. In this way, his scenarios become a kind of progressive hidden object game, in which common rules and proportions can be dismissed with each new figure that emerges from the next contoured stroke. Through an exciting narrative game of repetition and variance, worlds of his own develop that may function as improvised utopias for the artist, and are populated with many naked women, elegant automobiles, motorcycles, skyscrapers and hotels. These are worlds in which a viewer could quickly lose oneself in, while making many new discoveries.