Marion Gamerschlag

Marion Gamerschlag’s art is an experience of tangible plasticity: you can feel her impulse movement in the layers of the color pigments. The paintings evolution process is characterized by the artist’s very physical way of expression and gives her artwork an idiosyncratic energy. The paint is applied with fingers, hands, palms and arms. She rubs, presses, wipes – often lying on the paper – as if she´d danced over the painting. Sometimes this ballerina even scratches and tears the surface with her nails or with pointed objects: tender, dull – and depending on her inner state of mind – occasionally impetuous, wild, incessantly in seemingly endless circles, almost until the destruction of the color body. The result is polychrome, powdery structured, multiply painted surfaces that fascinate the viewer. The artist, born in 1966, has been working in the art workshop since 2012.