Katinka Kaskeline

The artist Katinka Kaskeline from Berlin works with diverse materials and techniques that she brings together and develops into something new. She draws, paints and produces collages about subject matters that she discovers in her world and that seize her attention. The precise representations of fine, elaborated and detailed likenesses of human bodies, of dolls and fish, are an invitation to capture the complex connections of the images that are embedded in these motives. The special intensity of the represented subjects, e.g. the maggots and insects on a bed of abstracted, densely wounded bodies in “Shame” or the enchanted and gloomy imagery she collages out of animals, bodies and symbolic objects which are made using paint, cutouts from her own works, paper, as well as natural materials like dried insects, allow the viewer, by their expressive power, to think of Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon, and remind us of elements of surrealism. In this way, the artist creates her very own aesthetic that makes it possible for her to express phenomena in haunting images which people ambivalently can react to, i.e. between their own personal aversion and fascinating attraction.