Heidi Bruck

Excerpt from press release accompanying exhibition in 2022:

About 15 years ago, Heidi Bruck began to explore shapes such as circles or triangles in drawings. The artist, who wears only red clothes and has rarely spoken in words since childhood, developed a fascinating visual language as an important medium of communication. The drawings are her notes, she once said. From a multitude of strokes, she creates large, abstract forms that either stand alone or are arranged in pairings. The work appears monumental and simultaneously playful; a lively, sprawling cosmos that contrasts with the artist’s tranquility.

If one looks at important artistic stations in her vita, it is noticeable that she, in addition to a presentation at the Outsider Art Fair Paris (2014) and a nomination for the euward, the European Art Award for Painting and Graphic Arts in the Context of Mental Disability (2015), has repeatedly attracted attention beyond the field of “outsider art”. In 2015, for example, she was nominated for the Losito Art Prize (prize for painting / drawing and graphics). At Galerie ART CRU Berlin, the graphic work of Heidi Bruck is now presented in a comprehensive solo exhibition after many years of collaboration with numerous fair presentations and group exhibitions.