Haci Sami Yaman

The pictures of Haci Sami Yaman are contrasty compositions of dots, strokes, lines and calligraphic elements, seemingly following certain rules that are not immediately comprehensible. They form patterns, structures and streams that are compellingly unique. The drawings are virtually vibrating and appear as though they are charged with different meanings and pulsating energies. At the same time, his pictures are reminiscent of aerial views or sketches by landscape architects. The dynamic configuration of the images is even more impressive when you know that Yaman, who has been working in the Atelier for a almost two years, is almost completely blind. He uses a special kind of acrylic pen for his work. When applying the paint, the artist is able to orient himself by pushing the pens forcefully or by tapping. With the effort he puts into his paintings, Yaman suggests underlying theories of energies, operating modes and other philosophical-technical constructions of thoughts. “He speaks of systems, switches, planets, of complex interactions, of streams and electrification,” explains Paula Schmidt-Dudek, artistic director of the Open Atelier St. Hedwig. “His pictures are connections, pixelations, data processing. He describes levels and areas, programming and amplifiers.”