Huub Niessen

Huub Niessen (b. 1943) lives and works in Helmond, NL. Drawing has been a constant companion to the artist throughout his life. He studied languages in Nijmegen and worked as a journalist. Later he experienced a series of heavy depression spells that forced him to quit his job. It was in these situations that his artistic practice became especially intense. In his images Niessen creates a world that follows it’s own laws. They are narrative scenes, elegant and wryly-humoresque at the same time, with titles like „Ambition“, „Biological Mother“ or „Who am I“ and full of the artist’s feelings and thoughts, which are sometimes hard to express in words. He usually works with black ink and a minimal color palette on drawing paper and carefully composes picture stories and strange situations, which are reminiscent of book illustrations. Niessen has found his own language: in a highly characteristic style he creates his own figures, which always have something fable-like to them. Many of his figures are placed on backgrounds, or are equipped with speech balloons, filled with never-ending surfaces of handwritten text. Their typeface however remains (mostly) unreadable. The viewer is invited to decipher the metaphorical meanings of the artists‘ bizarre images. Many of his works are part of collections like the Guislain Museum, Belgium, the Musee de la Creation Franche, France, and Sammlung Demirel, Germany.