Oliver Rincke

His vibrant compositions use wool and yarn on cardboard for a captivatingly colorful effect. With a meticulously planned work process, Oliver Rincke punches holes into the cardboard before he threads through thick layers of wool, string by string. The result is a unique expression of textile art, crafted with a pictorial world that brings to mind South American art and pop culture. In his wool compositions he finds inspiration in motifs found in magazines, books and the internet: Mexican masks, the belts of wrestlers, vehicles, cartoon characters and beyond. Different elements get combined and are outlined on the cardboard before he “paints in” the threads. Typically, Oliver Rincke works on 2-3 pieces simultaneously. The artist has been constantly developing this compelling approach since participating in a pivotal textile workshop in 2013. The intense burst of colors and the discernible contour of his images instantly catch the eye. Although powerful, direct and excessive, they never come across as aggressive or shrill, with select pastel tones creating a counterbalance. The impulsive, tense and unexpected formations unique to his output don’t allow for any decorative sweetness. The works of Oliver Rincke develop an immediate and very distinct appeal that audiences have already noted on display at POSITIONS Art Fair Berlin and in WELTKUNST magazine. An unusual success for a newcomer, which we are now pleased to present in his first solo show at our gallery. Since 2010, Oliver Rincke (b. 1978, Berlin) has been a member of Thikwa, a studio for theater and art, where he has been working successfully as both a stage actor and a visual artist.